Below is my fairy deck, I like it a lot but it doesn't do well against most decks. Any fix up suggestions would be great.

This deck is good for killing those big archtypes g b s ,blackwings……………

Summary: 48 card deck, 21 monsters, 20 spells, 7 traps


2 Soul Of Purity and Light

3 Hecatrice

1 Marshmallon

3 Splendid Venus

3 Fairy Archer

3 Tualatin

1 Angel 07

2 Athena

2x honest

1x card trooper


1Heavy Storm

3 Valhalla, Hall Of The Fallen

3 Misfortune

1Swords Of Revealing Light

2Monster Reincarnation

1Mystical Space Typhoon

3Cost Down

3x fissure

3x smashing ground


1c Magic Cylinder

1 Cemetary Bomb

1x mirror force

2x bottomless trapp hole

2x beckoning light


Flamvell Uruquiaz

Avenging Knight Parshath

Thought Ruler Archfiend

Good luck with this killler deck. . . . .

use some Archlord Kristya?

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