This is my custom Exodia deck. The only time it has lost it beat 6 decks in a row without resetting lifepoints first then lost. Keep in mind that I made this deck using cards I already own and I don't worry about what cards are banned, but please comment on what could make it better.


5 pieces of Exodia (Right Leg, Left Leg, Right Arm, Left Arm, and Exodia The Forbidden One)

poison draw frog X2

witch of the black forest X3


cyber valley

big eye X2

guardian angel joan

exodius the ultimate forbidden lord X2

exodia necross


magical mallet X3

allure of darkness

the dark door

kaiser colosseum

pot of greed X2

card destruction

contract with exodia

nightmare's steel cage X3

level limit-area b X2

upstart goblin

pot of avarice

mystical space typhoon


gravity bind X2

good goblin housekeeping

fruits of kozaky's studies

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