the deck

number 39: utopia x3

grenosaurus x3

gachi gachi gantetsu x3

the warrior returning alive x1

gene-warped warwolf x1

harmonic waves x1

trap hole x1

sakuretsu armor x2

trident warrior x1

mystical space typhoon x2

chainsaw insect x2

pot of avarice x1

shine night x1

zubaba night x1

destiny hero - defender x1

breaker the magical warrior x1

elemental hero wildheart x1

swords of revealing light x1

giant trunade x1

mirror force x1

feedback warrior x1

field-commander rahz x1

giant rat x3

marauding captain x1

call of the haunted x1

raigeki break x1

dark bribe x1

gear golen the moving fortress x1

xyz effect x1

nightmare wheel x1

fortress warrior x1

scrap-iron scarecrow x1

smashing ground x1

blustering winds x1

key man the key warrior x1

warrior lady of the wasteland x1

man-eater bug x1

magic cylinder x1

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