ENDYMION (SC) Synchro Deck List (45)

MONSTERS:(23) Endymion, the master magician Crusader of Endymion (x2) Skilled Dark Magician (x2) Dark Magician Summoner monk Magical Examplar (x2) The Tricky (x2) Frequency Magician (X3) Apprentice Magician (x2) Old Vindictive magician Breaker the magical warrior Deffender the magical knight Blast Magician Magicians Valkirya Chaos Sorcerer (x2) Witch of the black forest

SPELLS:(15) Magical Citadel of Endymion (x2) Magical dimension (x2) Terraforming Gold Sarcophagus Pot of Greed Card Destruction Instant fusion Monster Reborn mystical space typhoon (x2) Cold wave Magical Blast Mage Power

TRAPS:(6) Pitch black circle (x2) Magicians Circle (x2) Magic cylinder (x2)

EXTRA DECK:(4) Arcanite Magician Tempest Magician Explosive magician Musician King

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