Swordsmans of Chaos Dragons DeckEdit

Normal MonstersEdit

Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3

Dark Magician

Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Vorse Raider

X Head Cannon

Effect MonstersEdit

Mirage Dragon

Gearfried the Iron Knight


Red Gadget

Yellow Gadget

Green Gadget


Cyber Jar

Spear Dragon

Magician's Valkyrie

Dark Magician Girl

Dark Magician of Chaos

Buster Blader

Different Dimension Dragon

Y Dragon Head

Z Metal Tank

Fusion MonstersEdit

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Dark Paladin

XYZ Dargon Cannon

Ritual MonstersEdit

Black Luster Soldier

Magician of Black Chaos

Spell CardsEdit

Emergency Provisions

Red Medicine

Sords of Revealing Light


Monster Reborn

Mage Power

Pot of Greed

Double Summon

Black Magic Ritual

Black Luster Ritual


Trap CardsEdit

Magic Cylinder

Mirror Force

Negate Attack

Barrel Behind the Door

Lightforce Sword

Stronghold the Moving Fortress

Nightmare Wheel

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