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Dragonsworn cover
My Dragonsworn deck is based around exploiting powerful dragons and Lightsworns. The feature cards in this deck that make it work are Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon , each Lightsworn monster, Elcipse Wyvern , and any sort of Chaos cards.

Main Deck 40:Edit

Monsters 32:Edit


Spells 4:Edit

Traps 4:Edit

You may notice I don't run either of the "Solemn" cards and that is because I think they are unfair and ruin what is usually a fun duel.

Side 15:Edit

My Side Decks are ussually just there to acompany any monsters/spells/traps that won't fit in my main deck. I put Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning in my Side Deck becuase my friends won't play with me if I run him and he is pretty cheap.

Monsters 15:Edit

Extra 15:Edit

I use these mearly as a backup if one plan fails.

Xyz 15:Edit

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