Monsters: (23)

  • Debris Dragon x3
  • Luster Dragon #2 x3
  • Dragunity - Black Spear x3
  • Magna Drago x2
  • Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x3
  • Red Eyes Wyvern x3
  • Blue Eyes White Dragon x3
  • Lord of D. x1
  • Sangan x1
  • Masked Dragon x1

Spells: (9)

  • Burst Stream of Destruction x3
  • Flute of Summoning Dragon x1
  • Heavy Storm x2
  • Lightning Vortex x3

Traps: (9)

  • Burst Breath x3
  • Mirror Force x1
  • Ultimate Offering x3
  • Karma Cut x2

Extra Deck: (15):

  • Trident Dragion x3
  • Exploder Dragonwing x2
  • Black Rose Dragon x1
  • Ancient Fairy Dragon]] x1
  • Stardust Dragon x3
  • Red Dragon Archfiend x3
  • Goyo Guardian x2

Note: This deck is just an idea, not a real one.

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