Card ListEdit


Effect MontersEdit

1x Chaos Emperor Dragon

1x Tiger Dragon

1x Armed Dragon Lv. 5

2x Rare Metal Dragon

1x Kaiser Sea Horse

1x Vanguard of the Dragon

1x Masked Dragon

2x Armed Dragon Lv. 3

1x Red Eyes Black Chick

Normal MonstersEdit

3x Blue Eyes White Dragon

2x Luster Dragon #2

1x Curse of Dragon

1x Koumori Dragon

1x Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress #1

1x Dragon Dwelling in the Cave

1x Lesser Dragon

1x Baby Dragon

Ritual MonstersEdit

1x Black Luster Soldier

1x Paladin of White Dragon

Fusion MonstersEdit

1x Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Magic CardsEdit


2x Monster Reborn

2x Change of Heart

1x Pot of Greed

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Monster Reincarnation

1x Soul Exchange

1x Flute of Summoning Dragons

1x Wingbeat of a Giant Dragon

1x Tribute to the Doomed

1x Ookazi

Quick PlayEdit

2x Mystical Space Typhoon


1x Snatch Steal

1x Axe of Despair

1x Ritual Weapon


1x Black Luster Ritual

1x White Dragon Ritual


1x Mountain



3x Trap Hole

2x Sakuretsu Armor

1x Zero Gravity

1x Magic Cylinder

1x Cemetery Bomb

1x Raigeki Break


2x Shadow Spell

1x Dragon's Rage

1x Ordeal of a Traveller


WARNING! This deck is for skilled players only who know how to wait and know what they are doing with a good trap card.


Little Mio 02:08, May 26, 2010 (UTC)MIo

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