destiny hero deck

hi this is my destiny hero deck please rate it you can send all comments and questions about the deck to the

destiny hero talk pge

please be nice and no even slightly rude words or insults

monsters 20

morphing jar #2

phantom magician x3

destiny hero - doom lord x3

destiny her - departed

destiny hero - captain tenacious

destiny hero - dunker

destiny hero - dread servant

destiny hero - diamond dude

destiny hero - fear monger

destiny hero - blade master

destiny hero - defender

destiny hero - dasher

destiny hero - double dude

destiny hero - dreadmaster

destiny hero - dogma

destiny hero - plasma

spells 14

d - spirit

dark city

clock tower prison

over destiny

destiny draw

cyclone blade


mystical space typhoon

monster reborn


pot of avarice

pot of duality

swords of revealing light

fiend's sanctuary

traps 12

destiny signal x2

destiny mirage

eternal dread

d - fortune

d - counter

d - chain

d - shield

nutrient z

ultimate offering

mirror force

embodiment of apophis

extra deck 7

destiny end dragoon

vision hero trinity

number 17: leviathan dragon

number 34: Terror-Byte


submersible carrier aero shark

wind-up zenmaister

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