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this deck can maintain the right ammount of DARK monsters in your grave to special summon dark armed dragon .

the cardsEdit


  • ally of justice cyclone creator
  • armageddon knight
  • blackwing - blizzard the far north x2
  • blackwing - bora the spear x3
  • blackwing - gale the whirlwind
  • blackwing - kalut the moon shadow x2
  • blackwing - mistral the silver shield
  • blackwing - shura the blue flame x3
  • blackwing - sirocco the dawn
  • blackwing - vayu the emblem of honor
  • dark armed dragon
  • dark crusader
  • sangan
  • spirit reaper


  • black whirlwind
  • dark eruption
  • different dimension capsule
  • monster reincarnation
  • gold sarcophagus x2
  • lightning vortex
  • magical mallet
  • mystical space typhoon
  • pot of avarice


  • call of the haunted
  • dimensional prison
  • divine wrath
  • dust tornado
  • icarus attack
  • magical cylinder
  • magic jammer
  • mirror force
  • seven tools of the bandit
  • trap dustshoot
  • trap stun


  • ally of justice catastor
  • ancient fairy dragon
  • black rose dragon
  • black-winged dragon
  • blackwing - silverwind the ascendant
  • blackwing - armed wing
  • blackwing - armor master
  • brionic, dragon of the ice barrier
  • red dragon archfiend
  • stardust dragon
  • thought ruler archfiend
  • trishula, dragon of the ice barrier

the deck has 41 cards and the extra deck has 12


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