59386 1M Macro Cosmos
  • Electric Lizard
  • Mirage Dragon
  • Gren Maju Da Eiza
  • Naturia Beans x2
  • The Immortal of Thunder
  • D.D Survivor
  • Bicorn Re'em
  • Morphing Jar
  • Skelengel x2
  • Helios the primordial sun x2
  • Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
  • Big Eye
  • Unknown Synchron
  • Helios Duo Megistus
  • D.D Warrior Lady
  • Junk Synchron
  • Arcana Force 0-The Fool
  • Gandora the dragon of destruction


  • Swords of Revealing Light
  • Soul Exchange
  • Chaos Greed
  • Dimensional Fissure x2
  • Chaos End
  • D.D.R.-Different Dimension Reincarnation x2
  • Pot of Greed
  • Soul Absorption
  • Different dimension capsule


  • Macro Cosmos x3
  • Return from the different dimension
  • D.D Dynamite
  • Nightmare Wheel
  • Enchanted Javlin
  • Magic Cylinder

Extra Deck

  • Hundred Eyes Dragon

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