Advanced Format

Monsters: Shura x2, G's Spy x2, Bora x3, Elphin, Blizzard x2, Kalut, Plaguespreader, Gorz, Jinzo, Spirit Reaper, Gale, Kochi, Genex Ally Crusher, Sirocco, DAD, Mist Valley Soldier, Sangan

Spells: Swords, Creature Swap, Reborn, Burden, Whirlwind, Allure, Book Of Moon, Dark Hole, Heavy Storm, Vortex, MST x2, Reasoning, Smashing Ground

Traps: Bottomless x2, Dimensional, Cylinder, MIrror Force, Torrential, Icarus, Call, Delta Crow, Starlight Road

Extra Deck: Colossal, Stardust, Armor Master, Black Rose, Brionac, Gaia Knight, Infernity Doom Dragon, Number 39: Utopia, Dark End, Iron Chain, Ancient Fairy, Android, Armed Wing Scrap Archfiend, Vortex The Whirlwind, Zenmaister

Side Deck: Divine Wrath, D.D. Survivor, Dust Tornado, Absorber, Full House, G.B. Hunter, Gladiator Taming, Kinetic, Kycoo, Leeching The Light, Memory Crush King, Nobleman Of Crossout, Swallow Flip, System Down, MST

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