My name is Aramgeddon and today I would like to show you my alien beatdown.

Monsters: 20

Alien Ammonite 3

Alien Warrior 3

Alien Grey 3

Alien Overlord 3

Alien Dog 3

Alien Kid 2

Alien Shocktrooper 2

Alien Telepath

Spells : 12

Code "A" Ancient Ruins 3

Solidarity 3

"A" Cell Incubator 2

Prohibition 2

Swords Of Revealing Light

Mind Control

Traps: 8

Planet Pollutant Virus 3

Offering To The Snake Deity 2

Rivalry Of The Warlords 2

Mirror Force

Synchros: 13

Magical Android

Cosmic Fortress Gol'Gar 3

Flamvell Uriquaz ( In case I didn't spell it right, the synchro that gains 300 when he inflicts battle damage)

Iron Chain Dragon

Goyo Guardian

Black Rose Dragon

Stardust Dragon 2

Collosal Fighter

Red Dragon Archfiend

Mist Wurm

The reason I gave this deck this title is the fact it holds a large quantity of continous spell cards. The name doesn't mean it has no letup on the opponent. I would suggest you only make this deck for fun purposes.

It has some competition, but is reserved mainly for fun duels and that sort. Anyway I hope you enjoy my deck and post any comments below.

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