Quick use of this card ensures an automatic win.

Super conductor tyranno b295b 24685992-1-

A great choice for the Main Card.

A Compile & Accel Deck is very simple to create. By adding strong, low level monsters, one can stand their ground and then summon stronger monsters. These are easily created by compiling monsters to accelerate higher level monsters onto the field, with heavy use of cards like Monster Reborn, and trap cards that add defense points. Using high level, high power cards like Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Super Conductor Tyranno as the high-light of the deck only increases chances of a sure victory. The one and only strategy to a deck like this is quick recycling of cards, showing your enemies cards they've already seen multiple times. Using Full Salvo, and a quick Monster Reborn move will give you high level monsters without having to tribute any.

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