My Deck list of over complete control over your opponent

Monsters: 20

1x Kuraz The Light Monarch

1x Delg The Dark Monarch

1x Caius The Shadow Monarch

1x Mobius The Frost Monarch

1x Granmarg The Rock Monarch

1x Raiza The Storm Monarch

1x Zaborg The Thunder Monarch

1x Thestalos The Firestorm Monarch

1x Wynn The Wind Charmer

1x Hiita The Fire Charmer

1x Eria The Water Charmer

1x Aussa The Earth Charmer

1x Darch The Dark Charmer

1x Lyna The Light Charmer

3x Reborn Tengu

3x Gravekeeper's Spy

Spells: 16

1x Monster Reborn

2x Book Of Moon

1x Dark Hole

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Brain Control

3x Creature Swap

2x Enemy Controller

2x Scroll Of Bewitchment

1x Mausoleum Of The Empror

Trap: 4

1x Wall Of Reveling Light

1x Torrential Tribute

2x Dimmensional Prison

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