• 1. No ripping me offf >:|
  • 2. 2 cards Per toploader
  • 3. sorry i only ship in and around the USA ,UK,Canada
  • 4.I will only trade with you unless i need it like now
  • 4. Please dont CML for this and such make an offer Please!!!
  • 5. Please go By My Values if not then no trade (Dont Neg Ref Me When i Tell you the Values are off)
  • 6. come on please dont beg and i want my cards within 2 weeks of you shipping them (depends on were you live)
  • 7.ask for condition!!!!!!! and ask for 1st editon or not if you dont i assume you dont care
  • 8. Have fun Trading with me good luck with trading
  • 9. Bump = Stupid offer
  • 10. go by my values and we will certainly most often have a deal
  • 13.when we exchange addy's we either do it on AIM or Email

everything in red is in a trade ! <---------READ THIS INCOMING CARDS (you May offer for these cards but expect the trade to be a little longer)

  • Book Of Life x1 super
  • Ill Blud x2


  • 1 x Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode Ultimate WANT GONE
  • 1 x Armoroid super
  • 2 x Summoned Skull DPYG
  • 1 x Turret Warrior super
  • 1 x Level Warrior super
  • 1 x Scanner super
  • 1 x Demise, King of Armageddon Super
  • 2 x Twilight Rose Knight
  • 1 x Botanical Lion
  • 2 x Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
  • neo Spacin Dark Panther Common from CP08
  • 1 Gaia Plate the Earth Giant
  • Turbo Cannon
  • 1 x royal swamp eel
  • 2 x Flamvell Magician
  • 1 x Stardust Dragon /AM
  • Metabo-shark Super
  • Yubel Terror Incarnate
  • Dark Rabbit
  • Zero Guardina
  • Kuraz the Light Monarch
  • Koaki Meiru Beetle x3 (1 super)
  • Koa'ki Meiru Rooklord
  • Max Warrior
  • Mist Valley Soldier
  • ----Blackwing Silvering the acendant Ultra-----
  • Cyber Dragon secret Tin
  • Flamvell uruquizas
  • Crystal Seer Ultimate


* 1 x Crystal Tree super
  • 1 x Union Attack
  • 1 x Berserker Crush
  • 1 x Detonate
  • 2 x Shield Crush 1 gone
  • 1x Swallows Nest
  • 1 x Earthbound whirlwind
  • Unstable evolution
  • 1 x preparation of rites
  • 1 x Ring of Destruction secret retro pack2
  • 1 x Shadow Spell super
  • 1 x Limiter Overload super
  • 2 x Defensive Tactics Super
  • 1 x Delta Crow Anti Reverse
  • Discord
  • 1 x Escape From the Dark Dimension
  • 1 x Kid Guard


Battle Spirits The Scout Dragno Mat


BOLD MEANS I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!:) High wants *E Hero Prisma

  • Beast Striker x3
  • Kind of the Beasts x2
  • other stuff to put in Moja beatdown deck other than Moja
  • Rescue cat wanting Mostly rare
  • Scale
  • Good Trade Bait

*E hero Neos Alius x2 ULTIMATE ONLY


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