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Monsters: 18

|1| Blackwing- Gale the Whirlwind

|3| Blackwing- Sirocco the Dawn

|2| Blackwing- Blizzard the Far North

|3| Blackwing- Shura the Blue Flame

|3| Blackwing- Bora the Spear

|2| Blackwing- Vayu the Emblem of Honor

|3| Blackwing- Kalut the Moon Shadow

|1| Dark Armed Dragon

Spells: 15

|3| Blackwhirlwind

|2| Allure of Darkness

|1| Pot of Avarice

|2| Dark Eruption

|1| Heavy Storm

|1| Mystical Space Typhoon

|1| Lightning Vortex

|1| Giant Turnade

|1| Brain Control

|2| Book of Moon

Traps: 7

|1| Mirror Force

|2| Bottomless Trap Hole

|2| Icarus Attack

|1| Call of the Haunted

|1| Torrential Tribute

Extra Deck: 15

|2| Blackwing Armor Master

|2| Blackwing Armed Wing

|1| Stardust Dragon

|1| Black Rose Dragon

|1| Red Dragon Archfiend

|1| Ally of Justice Catastor

|1| Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

|1| Goyo Guardian

|1| Colossal Fighter

|1| Magical Android

|1| Thought Ruler Archfiend

|1| Psychic Lifetrancer

|1| Armory Arm

Side Deck: 15

|3| Light-Imprisoning Mirror

|3| Kycco the Ghost Destroyer

|2| D.D. Crow

|2| My Body as a Shield

|2| Royal Oppression

|1| Gorz, the Emyssary of Darkness

|2| Legendary Jujitsu Master

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