OTK DECK Easy to make and cheap some cards are rare to find but are so cheap dont gonna waste more than 30 dollars ;]


OTK in one turn with the correct hand ;]

If ure losing the pros of batteryman are can recovery te control of duel to fast ;]


Sometimes u only draw spells and trap cards that sux

Dont use synchro (they dont need it)

With this deck i beat decks like:

Rituals Deck(negate speacial summons :/)

Frogs Deck(so hard duel, i made first otk than him)

Crystal Beast Deck(i only had like 500 life points)

Macro Cosmos Deck (remove from play ;/)

Dinasour Deck (easy ;])

X-Saber (sometimes but so hard)

Yubel Deck (the hardest duel of my life)

and many more ;]

Monsters 21Edit

Batteryman Fuel Cell x2

Honest x2

Batteryman micro-cell x3

Batteryman AAA x3


Batteryman Charger x3

Batteryman D x3

Batteryman Industrial Strenght x2

Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon x1 (THE MOST EXPENSIVE CARD OF BATTERYMAN DECK [5 dollars -.-])

Spells 11Edit

Short circuit x3 

Night Beam x2

Battery Charger x2

Heavy Storm x1

Monster Reborn x1 

Electromagnetic Shield x1

Dark Hole x1

Traps 11 Edit

solemn warning x1

Portable Battery Pack x1

Limit Reverse x1 

Call of Haunted x1 solmen judgment x1

mirror force x2

Dimensional Prison x2

Bottomless trap hole x2

In total are like 40 cardsEdit

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