This deck focuses on using many thunder type monsters, namely the battyerman and watt archetype, to overwhelm your oppoenet. The cards to put in your side deck are up to you. Naturally this is but an example and you can modify it to fit your need or want.

Main Deck: 46

Monster: 23

3x Batteryman AAA

2x Batteryman Charger

2x Batteryman Industrial Strength

3x Batteryman Micro-Cell

2x Batteryman Fuel Cell

2x Honest

1x Thunder King Rai-Oh

3x Wattfox

2x Wattgiraffe

3x Thunder Dragon

Spell: 18

2x Battery Charger

1x Inferno Reckless Summon

2x Recycling Batteries

1x Quick Charger

2x Short Circuit

3x Wattcube

1x Wattcine

2x Hand Destruction

2x Electromagnetic Shield

1x Dark Hole

1x Monster Reborn

Traps: 7

3x Judgement of Thunder

1x Portable Battery Pack

1x Solemn Judgement

1x Mirror Force

1x Call of the Haunted

Extra Deck: 15

3x Ancient Sacred Wyvern

2x Black Rose Dragon

2x Mist Wurm

2x Light End Dragon

3x Stardust Dragon

2x Wattchimera

1x Red Dragon Archfiend

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