An alien deck is made up of many monster, magic and trap cards that utilize a swarming strategy and explioting the use of

'A-counters' or 'A-cells' which are used to weeken and sometimes take control of opponent's monster's. the aliens are on their own

are extremly weak, the most attack points being Cosmic Horror Gangi'el and Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar with 2600. however when

you add in the effects of the a monster with the basic alien effect (If a monster with an A-counter battles an 'Alien' monster it loses

300 attack and defence points during damage calculation only) it allows four star monsters to be able to take down even eight star

monsters with relative ease. however this is one of the main problems with alien monsters, if your opponent has some way of

negating the effects of your A-cells you lose your main form of offence. A-cells are very tricky to get rid of though. since they are

not cards you can not remove them by means of de-spell or heavy storm. the only way to remove A-cells are by destroying the

card that they are attached to (excluding A-cell incubator) or by using a card effect.

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