Akiza Fan? Well if so, you'll wanna stick around, the fun just getting started! Before you is an Aki-Style deck in its truest form, just short of containing every card she's ever used. Yes, i know what your thinking, it's a character replica deck, but despite that one drawback it still happens to pack quite the little punch. Here's the deal in order to draw out the true power of this deck; it takes a strategic mind (even more so 'cause your dealing with a character deck here) and a lot of focus on field control and Life Points.

The main idea is to almost always start out playing defensively, using Black Garden to weaken the opposition, Hedge Guard for a sturdy defense, and Black Rose Dragon as a counter for face-down monsetrs that try to escape the garden's wrath. Also this is usually a good time to use Violet Witch to search out cards such as Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis so that you can constantly pick at your opponent's points (but more on that later). by mid-game your opponent probably would have already broken through your garden defense, but by that time your hand is filled with game-changers and combo cards like Mark of the Rose or Fragrance Storm. By this time Your opponent's field is probably swaming with cards, so you can even up the score with B.R. Dragon and start taking chunks out of your opponent's points. Finally, your Graveyard should be filled to the top with Plant-Type monsters, making it easy to clean up or at least limit your opponent's moves with the Amaryllis you've been haunting them with all along.... And that's that.

By now you should be able to wield Akiza's deck almost as well as, ...well Akiza, and you too can take names LIKE A BO... like a psychic! Just remember to think each inkling of a move through and be patient. Heck, if you read this all the way through your halfway there on the patience part! As always, ENJOY!


x3 Blue Rose Dragon

x1 Copy Plant

x1 Dark Verger

x3 Evil Thorn

x1 Gigaplant

x1 Glow-Up Bulb

x3 Hedge Guard

x2 Lord Poison

x2 Phoenixican Cluster Amaryllis

x1 Phoenixican Seed

x2 Revival Rose

x3 Twilight Rose Knight

x2 Violet Witch

Extra Deck

x3 Black Rose Dragon

x3 Spelendid Rose


x2 Black Garden

x3 Fragrance Storm

x1 Magic Planter

x2 Mark of the Rose

x1 Seed of Deception


x3 Half Counter

x2 Ivy Shackles

x1 Overdoom Line/Wicked Rebirth

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