Monster Cards: Battle Ox; Giant Soldier of Stone; Celtic Guardian; Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts; Axe Raider; Armored Lizard; Leogun; Ryu-Kishin Powered; Beaver Warrior; Pale Beast; Zure, Knight of Dark World; Darkfire Soldier #1; Root Water; Alien Shocktrooper; Kaiser Sea Horse; Zombyra the Dark; Izanagi; Maju Garzett; Debris Dragon; Lady Panther; Wind Effigy; Magna-Slash Dragon; Decayed Commander; Quickdraw Synchron; Rockstone Warrior; Skilled Dark Magician; Newdoria; Spear Dragon; Despair from the Dark; Patroid; Destruction Cyclone; Chaosrider Gustaph; W-Wing Catapult; Element Magician; Royal Magical Library; Regenerating Mummy; Armed Dragon LV3; Masked Dragon; Cyber Ogre; Second Booster; Mermaid Knight; Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon; Dark Lucius LV6; Sasuke Samurai #3; Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard Trap Cards: Just Desserts; Mind Crush; Castle Walls Spell Cards: Remove Trap; Fissure; Giant Trunade; Shield & Sword; Lightning Vortex; Twister; Ring of Magnetism; Call of the Mummy; Monster Reborn; Remove Trap; De-Spell Holo Trap Cards from the show: Magical Hats Holo Monster Cards from the show: La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp; Dark Magician

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