level eater

Quickdraw synchron x2

elemental hero avian


elemental hero sparkman

turbo booster

turret warrior

stardust dragon/assault mode

Quillbolt hedgehog

elemental hero Neos

sheild warrior

turbo synchron

blue-eyes white dragon x3

nitro synchron

dark magician girl

tuned magician

junk synchron

road synchron


elemental hero clayman

Spell Cards:

junk barrage

fighting spirit

power pickaxe

double tool c and d

synchro boost

card rotator

card trader

swords of revealing light

monster reborn

pot of avarice

ring of magnetism

lightning vortex

cost down

smashing ground

future fusion


negate attack

starlight road

dust tornado

spellbinding circle

synchro strike

copulsory evacuation device

limit impulse

graceful revival

urgent tuning

sakuretsu armor

magical hats

dimension prison


draining shield


assault mode activate

Extra Deck:

turbo warrior

power tool dragon

ancient fairy dragon

road warrior

armory arm

junk warrior

collasal fighter

stardust dragon

gaia knight, the force of the earth

nitro warrior

blue-eyes ultimate dragon

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