First Place a level 1 tuner monster on the feild facedown (preferably stygian security). Next place a (call of the haunted or monster reborn) on the feild and end your turn.

Turn 2 summon a level 4 warrior monster from your hand and synchro summon for a level 5 synchro then special summon a lv3 synchro magnet due to its effect in your hand now synchro summon stardust dragon and activate your call of haunted/monster reborn and special summonyour level 1 tuner from your graveyard and activate double summon and summon a level one monster from your hand (preferable A/D changer) and synchro summon formula synchron and draw one card and let that card be maricle synchro fusion for later then use formula synchron and stardust dragon for Shooting star Dragon( and if you want use maricle synchro fusion to summon dragon knight draco equise so that you are imperveouse to destruction and effect damage so only battle may make you lose) and Thats The Combo

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