My spellcaster deck.It`s based on spell counters.I love this deck,it`s pretty good and a lot of fun making combos.


Apprenitce Magicina X 2
Breaker The Magical Warrior
Defender,The Magical Knight
Dark Magician Girl
Endymion,The Master Magician
Frequency Magician
Lyla,Lightsworn Sorceress
Magical Exemplar X 3
Magician`s Valkyria X 2
Old Vindictive Magician
Rose, Warrior Of Revenge X 2
Skilled Dark Magician X 2
Summoner Monk X 2

Spell Cards

Book Of Moon X 2
Brain Control
Giant Trunade
Heavy Storm
Monster Reborn
Magical Citadel Of Endymion X 2
Spell Power Grasp x 2
Swords Of Revealing Light
Terraforming X 2

Trap Cards

Bottomless Trap Hole x 2
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Magic Cylinder
Magician`s Circle X 2
Torrential Tribute
Trap Hole X 2
Widespread Ruin

Extra Deck(Fusion and Synchro)

Black Rose Dragon
Goyo Guardian
Gaia Knight,The Force Of Earth
Psychic Lifetrancer
Red Dragon Archfiend
Stardust Dragon

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